With its locations in New York, Beijing and Jingdezhen, FitzGerald Fine Arts is proud to be one of the world’s leading galleries in the presentation of contemporary Chinese porcelain and ink painting. Since its establishment in 2007, the gallery has endeavored to showcase the talents of master contemporary artists working in traditional mediums. Particular emphasis is placed on those that highlight the incorporation of techniques dating back thousands of years with the arrival of a contemporary sensibility.

Our locations in Beijing, the beating heart of China’s contemporary art scene, and Jingdezhen, the famed center of ceramic production since the 14th century, have allowed us unmatched access to some of the most innovative artistic talents in China today. We are proud to note that many of our artists have examples in the permanent collections of prestigious museums. The gallery is also pleased to be one of the few venues to provide fully illustrated catalogues in both English and Mandarin for all exhibitions.


Dividing his time between Beijing and New York, Jared FitzGerald believes that the highest levels of contemporary porcelain and ink painting offer exceptional opportunities for museums and collectors. He is committed to working with institutions and connoisseurs both here and abroad.